Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Today, I found my sixth CME (August 15, 2010) so that I could get my first three “n” values.  Fortunately, all the values are very close to each other!  After finishing off the calculations for the August 15 CME, I was asked, by Dr. Dube, to create a spreadsheet that organized all the data neatly.  The spreadsheet took me a while just because I had to calculate the time the CME took to travel in days, hours, and seconds, and halfway through the process I realized that I had done the conversions completely wrong.  Dr. Dube also told me about eureqa, a program that can make a generalized formula for a set of data.  I downloaded it on my computer, but I still need to play around with it to understand how it works.  I am glad that I have at least calculated three “n” values, but it just seems like there is always so much work to be done.  I guess I have to just keep pressing forward and get as much done as possible!    

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