Thursday, July 11, 2013

I made a ton of progress today on a CME that took place on September 2, 2012. I was finally able to find data from all three instruments, so I was really excited about that! I had to measure each ejection frame by frame, convert pixels to kilometers, and then place the numbers into a Height vs. Time graph that I made on Excel. I went through this process three times using the images from the three different satellites (SOHO, STEREO-A, and STEREO-B). Crunching all the numbers took longer than I thought, but I was relieved to find one coronal mass ejection that I have sufficient data for. Tomorrow, I will finish the final graph. However, I am not sure how as some of the coronal mass ejection from the STEREO-A satellite was cut out of the picture. I will ask Dr. Dube. I will also get some measurements to find the speed of this coronal mass ejection, and hopefully with that I can then predict how long it took that coronal mass ejection to reach Earth. I had a really great day and I can't wait for our BBQ tomorrow. There will be a volleyball net and water balloons, so it should be loads of fun!!

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