Monday, July 15, 2013

Today, I found the overall speed of the September 2, 2012 coronal mass ejection! It was a little far off from the recorded speed on the SOHO website, but Dr. Dube said that was to be expected.  Hopefully I wasn't too far off!  I still have to calculate the time that it took for that CME to reach Earth though, but that should be easy!  I also found another CME today that I will begin to calculate, and it happened only a day later, on September 3, 2012.  There seems to be a lot of CMEs during September, so I wonder if that was because it was during the solar maximum?  Since there is only data from the STEREO-A satellite and the SOHO satellite for the September 3 CME, I only had to make two Height vs. Time graphs which took up most of my morning/afternoon.  Tomorrow I am probably going to just finish up the calculations for the September 3 CME and try to look for a third CME to continue researching.  The process is the same for each CME, so I should become more efficient with my calculations as the summer goes on, and hopefully I can get enough data to begin looking for patterns. 

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