Friday, July 26, 2013

I finally found a CME!  The first date that I looked at after the morning meeting had a massive CME and I found data for it on STEREO-A, STEREO-B, SOHO, and GOES! I was able to calculate the speed of the CME, find when it actually hit Earth, use the equation d=VCME*t+(1/2a)t2 to get the acceleration, and then plug all the numbers into the overall equation a=A(VCME-Vwind)n. Due to the fact that there are two variables in this equation I need to find another CME so that I can divide out the constant (A) to get a value for the exponent (n). So, tomorrow I am going to continue the search for yet another CME so that I can get a value for “n”. I also just remembered that I need to plot Height vs. Time graphs for the CME that I found today. It feels really good to finally have a productive day and I hope the success continues into next week!

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