Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This morning I went with a few interns to the graduate student symposium.  We listened to a few different talks on topics like fuel cells, Colt guns, and dusty galaxies.  There was also a keynote speaker who talked about the increasing female role at RIT and other colleges and universities.  I finished up my title and abstract today, and Dr. Dube really liked what I wrote!  I can’t believe that it is already week three and we are at our first milestone already!  This afternoon I looked at the August 31, 2012 coronal mass ejection to find the actual time that it took for that coronal mass ejection to reach Earth.  I am a little concerned because the actual time that I got was a lot longer than I expected, so I am probably going to go back and look for mistakes tomorrow.  The data I am looking at now is from the GOES instrument and it provides X-ray, proton, and electron flux graphs that show when the coronal mass ejection actually hit Earth.  I can’t find the proper data for the May 11, 2011 and the September 2, 2012 coronal mass ejections, though, so I may have to go back to the beginning and find another coronal mass ejection to use. 

Tomorrow, I am going back to the Color Science Hall to do a second trial for Maggie Castle’s senior project and it is also movie day!  Hopefully I can also resolve some of the problems that arose today! 

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