Wednesday, July 10, 2013

After the morning meeting I stayed in the reading room to work on calculating the speeds of coronal mass ejections (CME).  Yesterday I unfortunately was researching a CME that had insufficient data and so today I had to pick a new CME to begin measuring.  I am really enjoying my work because all the pictures of the sun are amazing and the movies of the CMEs being ejected are really interesting.  Part of my job is to find a CME that is headed towards Earth on one instrument, and then to find the same CME, in picture form, taken from another instrument.  The three instruments that I am using are called SOHO (Solar and Helioshperic Observatory) and STEREO- A and STEREO- B.  A and B stand for Ahead and Behind the Earth's orbit.  I was able to get a speed of the CME but I only found it in pixels per second and I need to convert it to kilometers per second.  The way I am going to do that is by comparing how many pixels equals the diameter of the sun, which I can find online in kilometers.  I went up to the Multi-Camera Array lab, where Elizabeth, Killian, and Nate work, because the reading room was a little noisy and I just wanted a quieter place to work with people around to help me if needed.  An undergraduate student helped me download software that counts pixels in an image so that I wouldn't have to count them myself.  It was also movie-Wednesday and all the interns went down to the movie room in the CIS building to watch some TED talks.  They were really interesting and we also got free pizza, popcorn, and drinks! Overall it was a really great day!

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