Thursday, August 1, 2013

This morning was pretty frustrating as Dr. Dube asked me to look for some data that I just could not find online.  It took me four hours to locate the proton and x-ray flux data, but I found it eventually!  Due to the fact that the data did not precede 2013, I was unable to find data that matched the CMEs that I had been measuring.  However, Dr. Dube said that was alright, because it didn’t affect the research.  This aspect of research is so that we can track how that shape changes from the beginning of its journey (at the sun) to the end (when it reaches Earth).  The x-rays can be measured only 8 minutes after an ejection, and the proton fluxes are measured from Earth.  The graphs that are created can tell us if the CME stretched, narrowed, etc.  I found a “Halo” CME, but I only started moving the data to excel.  That is something to finish for tomorrow.  Now I will have evidence of a drag effect, and how the shape of the CME changed.  This was a new part that I didn't know I would be able to study!  I feel really lucky that I am getting this amazing opportunity to learn so much about CMEs, especially because I find them extremely interesting!  I once again didn't start my presentation, so that needs to happen tomorrow!

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