Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I again had a pretty good day!  I was able to finish up the calculations from the June 2, 2011 CME that I found yesterday and then I located two CMEs that happened two days later on June 4.  The two CMEs that I found from June 4 were both labeled "Halos" (meaning that they hit the Earth), however they both were shooting in the wrong direction according to the STEREO-A and the STEREO-B satellites.  Dr. Dube asked me to do the calculations for these CMEs anyway because the GOES instrument presented data that confirmed that these two CMEs did hit Earth.  Maybe there was a reversal of the axes in the STEREO-A and B data.  When I finished the calculations for CMEs, I found another "n" value.  Now I have two different "n" values, so I really only need one more!  Of course it can't hurt to have more, so my guess is that I will end up with more than just three "n"' values.  Having more will only increase the accuracy of  my research.  As usual, I am just going to keep trying to find as many CMEs as I possibly can, and I would like to start some slides for my final presentation tomorrow as well.

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