Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Great news! I finished up my calculations for the August 31, 2012 coronal mass ejection and the speed that I found was very close to the recorded speed! That meant that I could start looking for another CME and I was thrilled that it didn't take me that long to find even another coronal mass ejection that had data from the SOHO, STEREO-A, and STEREO-B satellites. I completed all three Height vs. Time graphs for this CME, which occurred on May 5, 2011. Tomorrow, I am going to calculate the final speed for this CME and then study the three CMEs that I have completed so far and try to look for any patterns in the way solar wind affects these CMEs.  

Since today was Wednesday, the interns had another fun weekly pizza and movie lunch. Our movie was about the art of presentations. There were many useful ideas that I will have to remember to use when I have to give my final presentation on August 23! 

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