Friday, August 2, 2013

I managed to make two graphs today that depict the change in the shape of the CME from when it left the sun to when it arrived at Earth!  The x-ray graph looks a little too perfect so I am not sure that I did it right, but I couldn't find any mistakes in the data.  The proton flux graph came out really well though!  Here are some pictures!  I still have to put all of my data into eureqa to get a generalized formula, and I have to make some more graphs that depict the change of shape in my CMEs.  And then I have to put together the final presentation.  Unfortunately, I am not going to be at work next week because I couldn't find a place to live due the PGA tour, but Bethany and Bob talked to me and are confident in my ability to finish on time.  They also offered to read my outline the Monday that I return so that I can feel organized before I make my PowerPoint!  I am actually pretty sad to leave the internship, but at least I still have two weeks when I get back.  Next week I am probably going to complete my summer reading for school and finish my college essay, so at least something important will get done!  

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