Friday, August 16, 2013

Yesterday, Dr. Dube and I analyzed the 15 "n" values that I had calculated from the day before. We found a pattern that as the speed of the CME increased, then the "n" value increased. However, Dr. Dube showed me a journal article that stated that slow CMEs should have "n" values close to two, and that fast CMEs should have "n" values around one. We were able to find a pattern, but it was not supportive of the data already published in the journal article. Dr. Dube and I spent the rest of the day looking at my numbers and we came to the conclusion that we really only needed the velocity of the CME as it traveled towards Earth. I simplified my calculations so that I was only calculating the velocity of the CME with data from the STEREO-A and STEREO-B satellites. When I recalculated the numbers this morning, my "n" values supported what was stated in the journal article I mentioned earlier. I am really happy that Dr. Dube and I were able to locate a pattern in my calculations. I spent the rest of the day making my presentation!! We also had a really fun, final BBQ!!

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