Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I finished the PowerPoint today!!! I typed out an entire script that has the most important points that I want to cover for each slide, and now I need to go home and review it a few times so that I am comfortable to present tomorrow and then again on Friday! I am glad that it is done and that I feel good about the material because it has made me a lot less nervous about tomorrow! We also had Christmas in August today, which was basically just a Secret Santa, and Sara brought in an actual Christmas Tree! It was super fun and Elizabeth gave me Giants flip-flops, a Giants rubber ducky, and a Giants bracelet! I am so excited for the football season to start and now I have all this great stuff!!! Tomorrow we are all going to sit down and do a run-through of our presentations, so hopefully I present well so that I have no worries going into Friday!

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