Thursday, August 22, 2013

I had a really great day today! I came into work this morning extremely nervous to present in front of Bethany, Bob, and the other interns. While I was presenting, though, I realized it wasn't really that bad and by the time I finished I thought I had done a pretty good job! I got some good criticisms and I spent the rest of the day making final edits to my PowerPoint. After I finished the presentation and gave the updated version to Bethany, Simran, Sara, Mary Emma, Mia, and I all took a little tour of the campus and took a lot of great pictures for me to bring back to Connecticut. I am really sad that tomorrow is the last day because I loved going to work everyday and I loved hanging out with all of the interns. Tonight I tried a garbage plate for the first time too! A lot of the interns had been telling me to get one, but I always said no because it just sounded so gross. However, I was surprised that it was actually kind of good, and I am glad that I did something special to Rochester on my last night here. All I can do now is hope tomorrow goes well!

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