Saturday, September 7, 2013

The interns gave their final presentations on Friday, and they were all amazing!! Although I am sad that the internship is over, I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity to learn and pursue a topic that I find so interesting and have been studying for the last two years at school. I am also really happy that I was able to calculate an additional six "n" values that support the conclusion that there is a correlation between the speed of CMEs and their exponent values. My research provided further evidence than published in a prior journal article because I found and analyzed CMEs of various speeds where the journal article's scientists only analyzed three CMEs, two slow and one fast. I think that it was a very successful summer and that my data can contribute to more precisely being able to predict when a CME will hit Earth.

I want to give a huge thank you to Dr. Dube for being my advisor this summer. He was incredibly helpful and patient, and his passion for his work while mentoring me was very inspiring. I am fortunate that he has offered to stay in touch and continue to advise me as I further my research back in Connecticut. I want to thank Bethany and Bob for heading such an awesome internship program and for making the summer so much fun. I also want to thank Joe Pow, Elizabeth, Killian, Nate, Billy, and Matt for inviting me to work in their lab this summer. They were a really fun group and I am going to miss them a lot!! I am going to miss all of the other interns too, but I am optimistic that we will stay in touch. To have been able to spend an entire summer working with these great people and helping to further research on a topic that I love was truly a special opportunity! Thank you to all who made it possible!!

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